Hardeep Melamed

CEO, PurseN

Uganda refugee to serial entrepreneur to Oprah's 100 Favorite Thing List

Dr. Naina Sachdev, MD

Addresses science & beauty for women's empowerment

Enjoy felicitations/networking, hors d'oeuvres & progressive Asian samplings with support from

Kelly Wright Music Worldwide, including soundtrack with renowned Indian singer Bappi Lahiri 


Want to learn how to please, drape a sari?! Meet in the bridal suite for an event loaned or purchased sari with professional henna designs, hair & photography

Live/silent auctions including Surya's fine rug, and Chef Anish  to teach culinary skills to 'men in kitchen", fine artwork, PurseN travel organizers on Oprah's Favorite Thing list, and much, much more! 


 Sponsorship inquiries, patti@saristosuits.org


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