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Breaking Barriers Isn't Easy

Since 2012, Saris to Suits has been breaking barriers and advancing empowerment for women and girls. We seek to shine an illuminating light on factors that can advance women's empowerment and raise diversity awareness. Our "Empowered Calendar" campaign has been a potent fundraising vehicle for non-profit groups. Past featured role models have included HBS and MIT graduates, entrepreneurs, olympians, CNN journalists, human rights activists and many more. By supporting key organizations, Saris to Suits is able to provide support to a number of causes. Past beneficiaries have included Alpha Gnar "Our House' Chicago, Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota County, Raksha "Protection" Atlanta, Sakhi for South Asian Women NY, University of Houston, 7 Sisters International, Narika, Tapestri, University of Texas - Dallas Student Chapter, Metro Achievement Center for Girls, and Saheli Boston.

Look forward to exciting new things to come from Saris to Suits including:

  • Fun events focused on leadership, empowerment, and equality

  • Monthly newsletters featuring new role models

  • New blog bringing awareness to global social injustices, gender inequalities, and how you can help provoke change

  • Sponsorship and volunteer opportunities

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“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it,she stands up for all women.”

- Maya Angelou

Garments such as “saris” or “suits” do not make a person more or less empowered.  Rather, our trademarked and registered brand implies these savvy and worldly women travel fluidly between continents, chasms, and communities AND serve as real-life role models for young girls and women. It has multiple meanings – East to West, woman to man, and the assimilation process reflected in attire occurs when women enter the workforce.

Saris to Suits ®  is incorporated as a non-profit public charity, and exempt from federal tax under 501(C)3 Revenue Code, which means contributions are deductible under section 170 of the code.

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