Richard Verma
US Ambassador to India 2014
Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources

“I was so fortunate in my family to have such strong women role models,” said Ambassador Richard Verma in an interview prior to SarisToSuits: East to West to South: Women FIRST 6 year anniversary celebration in Atlanta “..I look up to, admire, and respect all that they have accomplished, but there is no question that we all need to do more to ensure that women have equal say, equal pay, and equal rights – not just on paper, but in practice in corporate America and across our society as well. I have been so impressed with the terrific efforts that Saris to Suits ® has made across all of these fronts.”

“Pathbreaker, trailblazer are words that fit Patti…At the time I met her, she was doing something no other Indian American or South Asian was doing (CNN)… She was this incredible role model who was committed to helping other people and very courageous.”

Rodney Bullard
Ex Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility
Chick-fil-A Foundation
CEO, The Same House Author, Heroes Wanted 

“Patti reminds me of Rosa Parks (an activist in the civil rights movement). In what she is trying to do, she is trying to continue the legacy of Rosa Parks.” (Bullard donated $10,000 towards the cost of the venue and he spoke about why he did so when there are so many organizations vying for his attention). Rodney Bullard Vice President, Chick-Fil-A Social Responsibility

Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia, MD, PhD
MIT professor & Biotech Entrepreneur
Winner of MIT’s “Oscar for Inventors”

“What an incredible tour de force! Congratulations on your vision and beautiful result. It’s sure to inspire many hearts and minds. It made me teary to look through it. It’s optimistic and strong and beautiful Thank you so much for including me in this project.”

Aparna Bhattacharyya
Executive Director, Raksha Inc.

“As a young South Asian girl growing up in the United States, I rarely saw role models that looked like me. We are honored that Patti chose Raksha as a beneficiary of this project. Her experience and passion for social change for survivors in our community is inspiring. Raksha hopes that partnering with Sari to Suits, that we can wipe away the stigma of addressing domestic and sexual violence in the South Asian community. We hope this project will help start dialogues in our community so we can be proactive in ending these forms of violence and work towards stronger and healthier communities.”

Bill Sadlo
President/CEO Boys & Girls Clubs

“We are honored to participate in Saris to Suits ® and its Founder Patti Tripathi’s efforts to empower and inspire young women and girls. Solving our communities problems and advocating for children and youth overlies with our vision to achieve academic success, enrich healthy lives and develop good character and leaders. Our SMART Moves/SMART Girls programs are just one of many programs that empower children and youth to make good choices in life and understand the meaning and causes of domestic violence.”

Jessica Hays, ED
Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center

“Thank you again for selecting SPARCC as a beneficiary for this project, we appreciate the opportunity to spread awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault.”

Dr. Giatri Dave, MD
TV medical expert/2014 role model

“Violence against women is a preventable public health problem. Ms. Patti Tripathi has helped put a spotlight on this local, national and global issue. Kudos to Saris to Suits ®.”

Neha Gill, ED
Apna Ghar

“We are so glad to partner with Saris to Suits ® to raise greater awareness about gender violence and gender discrimination in South Asian and other immigrant communities. At Apna Ghar we envision a world in which women and children can live violence free lives and our values align with Saris to Suits ® mission to empower South Asian women and girls. We look forward to what we can accomplish together.”

Garments such as “saris” or “suits” do not make a person more or less empowered. Rather, our trademark and registered brand implies these savvy and worldly women travel fluidly between continents, chasms, and communities AND serve as real-life role models for young girls and women. It has multiple meanings – East to West, woman to man, and the assimilation process reflected in attire occurs when women enter the workforce.

Saris to Suits ® is incorporated as a non-profit public charity, and exempt from federal tax under 501(C)3 Revenue Code, which means contributions are deductible under section 170 of the code.

Change lives and
circumstances for women
and girls facing adversities.

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